the great caretaker

It has been a long week in the Wheat household, and it is only Wednesday. On Sunday Tillie came down with some sort of mysterious fever virus. When she didn't eat her lunch on Sunday I knew something was up--decreased appetite in any of our children is a sure sign that something is amiss--and she soon sprouted a fever of 102. We've been to the doctor once already and we're going back tomorrow if the fever doesn't magically disappear overnight tonight (I'm guessing it won't). This poor little creature has been spending most of the last few days not eating and napping.

The positive side of Tillie's sickness, however, is that Scout has emerged as quite the caretaker. She has made her drawings and books at school every day this week, telling Tillie how much she misses her and hopes she feels better soon. She's also been reading to Tillie on the sofa and replaces the cool rag on her forehead. I told Scout she's been a great caretaker, and Scout told me she's practicing for when she has her own children one day. In the meantime, I'll keep her on my team.

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