day at the capitol

There are some positives to having the 8:00am slot at the soccer field on Saturday morning. 1) If Alex is home yet leaving town on a 12:30 flight, he can make the game. 2) It gives the kids and me plenty of time in the afternoon to stir up some trouble around Austin. Actually, those are the only positives I can name (and the second one is a stretch, quite honestly). I could point out several negatives, but the best is arriving home at 9:20am and having Tillie ask if it's lunch time.

Let's return to the positives--this morning's early soccer game freed up our afternoon so we could hang out at the Capitol and explore the Texas Book Festival. This is the first year I was brave enough to negotiate the crowded tents on my own with the three wee ones. The highlights of the day included finding Waldo (twice!), having Scout read Rosie Revere Engineer to a random crowd in a tent sponsored by the Texas 529 college savings plan, getting free tee shirts (free matching tee shirts) for taking a whacky selfie and wandering through the Senate chamber inside the Capitol. We also happened upon Taye Diggs in the House chamber just before he read his book Mixed Me! to the crowd. I told the kids he's pretty famous, but they weren't fazed by his A-list status. They just wanted him to hurry up and read the story already.

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