it rained...and then it rained

Thank you, central Texas, for being in a state of constant drought or a state of flash floods. Is there no in between with you? Could it be sunny and not oppressively hot? Or perhaps drizzly and not flooding? Do we really need to get four months' worth of rain over one weekend? I suppose [sigh].

This past weekend we had two cancelled soccer games, two cancelled birthday parties and one cancelled Halloween party. We also had a dad out of town for work and a mom desperate to entertain the children without resorting to bribes and unlimited screen time (side note: it just took me about two minutes to come up with the word "unlimited;" I knew what I wanted to say but I couldn't remember what that word was...this is how a mother's brain functions).

Now that I've lost my train of thought...let's return to last weekend. On Saturday morning, I shuffled everyone out the door in between downpours to visit the library. I was not the only parent with this amazing idea for passing the time on a dreary Saturday morning; the place was a zoo! For once I didn't mind that Scout was using her "outdoor voice" inside because so was every other little ragamuffin in the children's section (to parents who were at the library on Saturday, I hope you do not take offense to my referring to your child as a ragamuffin; it's a term of endearment).

Eventually we had to make our way back home--the kids wanted lunch, of course--so we spent the next couple of hours reading all these wonderful new books, and then I surprised everyone (even myself!) by taking us to the cheapo $2 theater to watch Inside Out. The movie was lovely, by the way, and I totally recommend it for both children and adults. I'm not quite the movie snob I used to pretend I was when I would visit the indy theater in New York regularly, but I know a good cartoon when I see one. The movie wrapped up our Saturday--my children may or may not have had popcorn and nerds on a rope for dinner--and then it was time for bed. And before I knew it, we were waking up to a soaking Sunday morning...here we go again...

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