just another saturday

Tillie is back to her normal (vocal) self. Scout was throwing elbows at her soccer game, and Catcher's team got creamed (again). It must be just another fall Saturday. Of course this fall Saturday was 90+ degrees, but I suppose that's Texas for you. (I'm still waiting for that perfectly crisp autumn morning to enjoy my first pumpkin spice latte, by the way.)

This morning Catcher's and Scout's games were at the same time on two different sides of town; therefore, Catcher hitched a ride with his buddy while the ladies and I stormed the fields of Burnet Middle School. That's my disclaimer in case you thought I was playing favorites by photographing the middle child and not the eldest. I was also team photographer for the Blue Dragons today and saddled with the responsibility of getting a decent smile from six five year-olds at one time for the group photo. That almost worked:

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