catcher in goal

I may be the only mother in history who was fired up to see her son put in as goalie during Sunday's soccer game. Catcher was only in for half of a half, and admittedly there wasn't much going on while he was there, but he did manage one save. To be honest, his one save was the only time the other team even crossed over to his team's side while he was hanging out back there, so I'm glad things went his way. During most of his ten minutes at the post, I found myself torn between wanting Catcher to see some action and being terrified he would actually see some action on goal. In the end, it was enough to watch him pacing around in his oversized penny.

After the game when I asked him the only question you really need to ask at this age, "Did you have fun?" He answered with a lukewarm "Yes." That's a pretty good response from Catcher. Most of the time I get an eyeroll and a "Yes, mom" said in that voice that's really conveying "You're so annoying mom."

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