second grade love story

Before I begin...where did that last month go? It was 95 degrees in Austin on the first day of October, so it still isn't pumpkin latte sipping season around here, but I've already eaten an entire bag of candy corn (the big bag), so there's that.

And then there's this...as I was cleaning out Catcher's weekly homework folder this afternoon, I came across this little gem of a letter (below) that was stashed neatly in the front pocket. Catcher was in the room when I discovered it, and he snatched it out of my hand before I could read it. After much coercion--and an attempted bribe of an ice cream cone--Catcher did not consent to let me read the letter, but he did explain the situation.

I was told the letter is some sort of a second grade "prank" whereby Catcher is confessing his love to the classroom's most eligible bachelorette while pretending to be another young gentleman in his class. (I know it's killing you, but I won't name names.) To me, this is your classic Cyrano de Bergerac state of affairs adapted for the the seven year-old brain. Boy likes girl. Boy's friend finds out boy likes girl. Boy's friend writes love note to girl as a "prank." But boy really does like girl, so the prank isn't a prank so much as a true confession coming from boy's friend. Do you follow?

Prank aside, however, I love this letter for a few reasons. I think it's adorable and sweet that Catcher thought to write "I won't let enything [sic] happen to you." And it's also kind of awesome that his post script is requesting a play date. Oh, and the illustration is pretty fabulous. Are they holding hands or fist-pumping?

If you're wondering how I got a photo of this letter, I'm sorry to say that I can not share that information either. A reporter must protect her sources.

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