let's get this summer started

Only three more days of school until every parent's worse nightmare begins--summer break. I'm kidding (but just a little). This summer I'm tackling the "slow parenting" movement that's getting a bunch of press lately. Instead of enrolling these little rugrats in camps for 12 weeks, we're going to explore the world together. (At least that's how I'm romanticizing it in my head right now.) We're hanging out in Austin for a couple of weeks, hitting the beach in Port Aransas with some friends for a long weekend, heading up north to Wisconsin for another couple of weeks, making the long drive back home to Austin... We'll see what shenanigans we can get ourselves into during all the in-betweens and long summer days.

Before the real summer party starts, however, we spent the last two afternoons at Scout's BFF's birthday party, giant blow-up waterslide included (see video). And yes, there was so much fun to be had the party was stretched out for two days (or else the company that supplied the giant blow-up waterslide failed to pick it up this afternoon and we just couldn't let another sunny Austin afternoon go to waste...not when there's a giant blow-up waterslide involved).

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