someone will swim

In addition to this slow family living thing I'm testing out this summer, I've wholeheartedly declared that at least one--but preferably two--of our children will be swimming on his or her own by the end of the summer. We've been to the pool three of our five summer vacation afternoons so far, and I'm going to make the early prediction that our swimmer will be Scout.

Catcher has all the fundamentals down, but we call him lazy bones in the pool. He's more interested in clinging to the side than trying to swim ten feet on his own. Scout was the first to release her death grip from the side and swim out to me (of course the following afternoon she promptly forgot that she had actually been swimming on her own the day before).

Before we took off yesterday afternoon, I asked everyone to give me their "Yay! It's summer we can't wait to go swimming!" pose, and this is what I got:

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