60 percent chance

For Father's Day this year, the children and I made big plans of the good old-fashioned family fun variety. The Austin Symphony performs free outdoor concerts every Sunday night during the summer, so it was pretty much a no-brainer. I'm a sucker for a picnic dinner--picnic means wine and cheese--and free entertainment. When you can do these things wrapped up in a package of "look what big plans I made to celebrate Father's Day," it's a win-win(-win)!

Spoiler alert: mother nature wasn't down with the fathers this year. When we arrived at the Long Center around 7:15 yesterday evening, the skies were light (grey-ish, but light) and there was a feeling of lighthearted happiness in the air (or else that was the Pino Grigio talking from my Solo cup). Just minutes later, however, the skies turned dark and the spirited dancers on the plaza took cover. It wasn't until the birds went whacko that we decided it was time to pack it up (the birds always know). And also the members of the symphony called it an evening, so we would have been the crazy family stranded in a downpour if we hadn't huffed it to the car. At least there's always next week...if Austin returns to it's normal state of summer drought.

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