card sharks

Today. Today we were prepared. All the warning signs were there--flash floods, severe thunderstorms. Today we went to the park early (before the afternoon severe weather arrived) and chose our park strategically based on where flash floods in Austin are most likely to occur. We had popcorn. We had DVDs. We planned a tournament of cards for goodness sake. I suppose I don't have to tell you what happened. Well...nothing happened. No flash floods. No severe thunderstorms. I hope this is a sign that the weather has turned back into the predictably unpredictable, where a 60% chance of rain is really more like a 20% chance. But better than the non-threatening weather today, if I can be a dorky reflective mom for a moment, was the time we spent together. I don't know if teaching the children to gamble is the best move parenting-wise, but the card games kept spirits high and scuffles low.

I also had a trip watching the kids' faces while they were strategizing against one another--they took War very seriously. And Tillie. She does not have a poker face, in case you're wondering. But the outfit she chose today suggests she would rather be performing in Vegas than playing cards there anyway...

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