beach trip, part 1

It was "the best week ever!!!" (exclamation points not gratuitous), at least according to Scout after she spent just twenty minutes playing in the oil-soaked sands on the beach of Galveston Island, TX off the Gulf of Mexico. Alex and I often joke that we deprive our children of modern parenting conveniences, such as iPads and iPods, so they are often thrilled and amazed at life's simple pleasures...like having a bathing suit full of sand.

This weekend we were fortunate to spend time with the grandparents as they passed through Texas on a long journey out west to Sedona. This is the first beach trip that the kids truly remember--our visit to Mexico when Scout was just a year old means nothing now--and I was struck with a wave of nostalgia watching these three play in the sand like my sister and brother and I used to do on the shores of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was so fun to watch their little personalities come to life in the rough, murky waters of the Gulf. Even though the little ones only ventured out far enough where their knees--okay, maybe waist in Tillie's case--were submerged in the water, they had the time of their lives. I've never seen so many shared giggles among these three. And then there's the added benefit of having had them wear themselves out completely so they actually went to bed peacefully and quietly and left room for much-needed adult time.

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