beach trip, part 2

No beach trip is complete without a visit to the local boardwalk, or Pleasure Pier in the case of Galveston. And I know what you're thinking...not that kind of pleasure. If Scout thought rolling around in the waves, getting sand in her suit and salty water in her nose constituted "the best week ever" during our first full day at the beach, then she was truly blown away when she discovered the mayhem at Pleasure Pier.

The oversized pier was chock full of everything one would want from a boardwalk experience--overpriced mediocre food, chubby sunburned Americans, games no one can win where the prize offerings come from a sweatshop in China and [questionably safe] wild rides. Along with the nagging voice inside your head saying "why are we here;" however, comes the wistfulness of youth when you yourself thought bumper cars and ferris wheels were life's greatest treasures. Then again...maybe they are.

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