the first day of may

Nothing signals the beginning of the end of an elementary school year like a good old-fashioned field day. At Catcher's school they refer to it as Lee Olympics, but those of us who have worked our way up through the school system would recognize the "games"--sack race, bean bag toss, fifty-yard dash, hula hoop, jump rope, tug-of-war--as those played during your traditional field day. The school does, however, pipe the Olympic theme music over the PA system as the "parade of classes" exits the building and completes one lap around the track. So I guess it feels a bit Olympic-y (even if the athletes' outfits aren't designed by Ralph Lauren).

As the PE teacher remarked during the opening ceremonies, it was "a glorious day" in Austin for the Lee Olympics. While there was much excitement during first grade concessions, everyone's favorite event will always be tug-of-war (because tug-of-war is awesome...and the parents really get into it). Catcher's team pulled out a first-place win just as his team did last year. Different team, but he had an amazing anchor that gives true meaning to the words "girl power." Oh, you may suspect from the pictures below that Catcher was part of a girls' only team, but that's not the case. He's just the short guy in the class--if you don't believe me, check out the shot I got of him next to the tallest kid in first grade--and so his position on the rope is with the other shorties who happen to be mostly girls. Those chicks are tough, and they know how to celebrate.

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