tornado warning with wine

The funny thing about modern technology is that you may find yourself driving from Austin to the famed--it's not really that famed, unless you ask someone from the immediate area--Texas wine country along highway 290 when your phone alerts you to possible tornados in the area and advises you to "take shelter immediately." That's not frightening, right? Did I mention your three young children are in the car with you because it's Memorial Day and the day before your husband's 39th birthday? You're just out for some good old-fashioned family fun with mother nature pings you on your iPhone.

Obviously because I'm writing this things turned out okay, but the beautiful picnic we pictured for ourselves at the "wine factory," as Tillie called it, turned out to be an afternoon evading funnel clouds, power outages and flash floods. We were warned that more rain was headed our way prior to the outing on Monday, but in our defense let's remember that it had just rained something like 20 days in a row. And it never rains like that around here--the sky had to be tapped out (I thought). Furthermore a 50% chance of rain usually means it isn't going to rain. In fact, an 80% chance usually means it isn't going to rain. Lesson learned, I suppose.

On the bright side (not including the bright side of dodging disaster), the storm brought the silliness out of the children and Catcher entertained us with his whacky dance moves in between downpours.

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