Throwback Thursday to the days when I had a camera (but not a good one). Before Catcher had two sisters and wasn't even two himself. We were visiting Milwaukee for Alex's high school reunion (15 years). I was eight months pregnant with baby number two, but we didn't know it was Scout. We knew "it" was a girl, but we didn't know who she was. Our little family was living in a little house in Charlotte, NC with no plans to move to Texas. I wasn't planning to be pregnant again just one year after this photo was taken (Tillie) and had no idea I would soon take on the role that runs my life: full-time mom (part-time psychologist, nurse, terrorist negotiator, chauffeur, life coach, housekeeper, warden, teacher, line cook, judge [and jury]...just to name a few):

I wouldn't change it. And speaking of not changing, this is our guy today. He's had a haircut or two, but he still looks exactly the same--minus a little baby fat--as he did four years ago:

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