a perfect day

It won't be long before our temperatures skyrocket into the triple digits around here. Before we know it, hot cars and sweltering afternoons will make us forget that we ever thought to complain about a little dusting of ice this winter. Before we roll our eyes at the 30th 100+ degree day in a row, we need to take advantage of the weather that we love and brag about to our friends who live out East and in the Midwest.

Today was a perfect weather day. Perfect. When Catcher got home from school the kids begged to watch a TV show; I insisted on going to the park. When we arrived they found an abandoned sand bucket started working together to build a playground "rock castle." I'm glad I snapped these photos on my phone, because that was as far as the getting-along-and-playing-nicely-together went. It was so cute--the three of them playing together in the dirt. Then something happened. I don't know if it's something in the air or aliens have abducted my children and replaced them with tiny cyborgs, but these guys have been crazy lately. Forty-five minutes after this photo was taken I had three screaming, crying children at my side. Everything was wrong for everyone, and the madness did not stop when we got home. I know we all have our days. I just prefer these three don't have their "days" on the same day.

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