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I recently gave up meat. Not for Lent or any other spiritual or moral reasons but simply because I don't really like it. This isn't the first time I've gone vegetarian. I dappled with it in high school and college, but maybe it will stick this time. Maybe moving to Austin has something to do with it...or the recent article in the New York Times magazine that I read about the food industry. Whatever the underlying reasons, this new attention to food on my part has led me to the kitchen to try some new treats for the kids. Let me assure you that I have not turned foodie on you, and I'm not going to start blogging recipes or try to convert you to the meatless way. I still don't know the difference between a hemp seed and flax seed and a chia seed, but perhaps you will indulge my latest "thing" for a moment.

My sister introduced me to the blog My Whole Food Life, where there are really simple and really tasty recipes. This weekend the kids and I put our following directions skills to the test by trying out the high protein breakfast cookies. Catcher was skeptical when I mistakenly told him the recipe was vegan--but then corrected myself when I realized it called for an egg and milk--and he couldn't believe a "cookie" recipe did not involve sugar. But when these bites of wholesome goodness came out of the oven, the littles gobbled them up like gummy bears. 

*I know my food photography needs some help; these taste way better than they look.

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