future olympians

Today was the best (school) day of the year--the Lee Olympics (or "field day," to the old school crowd). Catcher and his kinder-mates competed in sack races, jumping rope, hula hooping, a 50-yard dash, a bean bag toss and the ultimate--tug-of-war! While waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the opening ceremony to begin, the girls engaged in a friendly game of tether ball on the playground.

When the games began, it was the kindergarten class that led the school out to the playground (you can't miss them in their tie-dyed shirts) during the parade of grades. Below is a glimpse at the day. I missed the hula hooping and sack race when I took Scout to school, but stay tuned for the tug-of-war action shots. I'm still sifting through them. Tug-of-war is definitely the best "Olympic" sport.

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