house hunters

I'm not admitting yet that we're actively looking for a house to buy (because we're not), but I will say that we're investigating the market. It appears that homes in our neighborhood stay active for less than a week on average before someone swoops in and makes an offer (or 14). This evening we went to check out a place that will surely be under contract this time next week, and coming home I was reminded of how exhausting it can be searching for a house. The expression on Catcher's face (above) pretty much sums up how I feel about the prospect of this endeavor: meh (not hot, not not, just meh as defined by The New York Times Magazine).

Because we went through such an ordeal attempting to sell our house in Charlotte--remember that two years?--I second guess everything and wonder if this [imaginary] house will be the house for the rest of our lives. Are we going to throw Catcher's graduation party there? Will Tillie's future in-laws come over for lunch? I realize I might sound a bit cuckoo, but these are the things that I think. In the meantime; however, it is fun to let the kids run circles around someone else's house for a change.

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