sweet child(ren) o' mine

Maybe I'm still feeling the effects of the sugar rush caused by dipping my hand into a five-pound bag of candy last night; or maybe it's the crisp fall air. Whatever the reason, these children seemed like angels once again today (if I conveniently "forget" the temper tantrum that the littlest lady threw when we got to the park on this glorious afternoon; hence, no pictures of her there).

I really wanted Tillie in this picture (above), but she really did not want to cooperate. It turned out okay, though, because I feel like Catcher and Scout butt heads so frequently that it's hard to get a great picture of the two of them together. I love this one. We'll try again with Miss T included.

Now they're just being silly (above)...and then we had to go track down Tillie (below). Don't worry--we found her barefoot digging in a pile of dirt.

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