scooters and strollers

I promise I don't work for Disney, but I have too many pictures for just one post. This is the penultimate ode to Disney, however, so enjoy.

Here are some things you see, and consequently maneuver yourself around, in Disney World: strollers (single and double--I was a perpetrator myself on that front), scooters, groups consulting maps, people posing in front of Disney "icons," men holding enormous bunches of balloons and moms telling their hysterical children "This is supposed to be the happiest place on earth!" If you're lucky, you might find yourself exiting the Magic Kingdom just as Mickey the mouse himself and Minnie are elevated from the depths of Cinderella's castle into a character sing-a-long. And if that happens, you might see some daytime fireworks. You see a lot of fireworks in Disney. A lot.

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