quaterback princess

Yesterday evening while I was making dinner Catcher took his sisters out to the backyard for a game of pickup football. In case you haven't met him, Catcher is your typical first child "follow the rules" and "get really frustrated when someone isn't following the rules" kind of guy. Listening to him teach the girls how to catch the ball was quite amusing (especially considering he just learned how to catch the ball himself during flag football this fall).

Prior to this friendly game of toss and catch, the girls had been playing dress-up in their room; hence the outfits. Then again, it wouldn't be that strange to see Scout or Tillie playing football in such a getup regardless. I should also note that it was about 45 degrees outside when these pictures were taken around 5:30/6:00pm--just in case the tutu/sneakers/gloves combination didn't convince you that the wee one is totally crazy. At least Scout had the good sense to wear a sweater and leggings with her fancy dress.

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