ice princess

After sitting on the plane in Baltimore for an hour yesterday while they dragged us from the icy grips of the gate to the tarmac for de-icing, we finally made it home to Austin where (surprise!) a cold front has moved into town. While we sheltered ourselves from the cold in Virginia, I had dreams of returning to a sunny Texas afternoon. My daydreams involved playgrounds and margaritas, but alas we found ourselves back in the confines of our home after the cold wind whipped through us upon landing in Austin.

The little ones didn't seem to mind being stuck inside, however, since we left for our trip on Christmas day. In our wake was a pile of new toys dying to be played with upon our return. Scout made a beeline for the dress-up bin and became our ice princess for the day. I have a feeling we have many princess days ahead of us. I know this because Scout told me yesterday that she's not Scout, she's princess Sofia (and then refused to answer to the name Scout). And then she wore a tutu to the Target today...at least I convinced her to take off the plastic jeweled mules before we left the house.

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