are you looking at me?

Does anyone else have a 3 1/2 year-old? This picture pretty much sums up Scout's attitude today. She was a sassy little thing. The morning started with her yelling at me because everything she was wearing was not new. By the way, everything she was wearing except her socks was new. This afternoon she told me that she was going outside to be by herself and she didn't care what I said. I might have been nervous if she had been able to unlock the front door, but I did have visions of a tween "running away from home" flash through my mind. She told me what my choices were when I said it was time to leave the house to pick Catcher up from school. In case you're wondering, my choices were reading her a story or getting her a snack--picking up Catcher was not a choice. She begged me for earrings, and when I told her the plastic clip-ons she got for Christmas were broken, Scout told me to go to the store and buy her some. She hit Tillie on the head, punched Catcher on the arm and rolled her eyes when I said we were having pasta for dinner. She then devoured two bowls. The bath was too cold and then too hot, and she had nothing to wear to bed. She's sound asleep right now.

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