game day

This must be a new record. In Austin, TX we had our second snow day (from now on, I'm referring to them as ice days) in four days. It started as a two-hour delay (yay!) which turned into a full-fledged cancellation (boo!) around 8:00 this morning. The kids were crazy, so I put on a pot of coffee (for me) and declared today "Game Day." We pulled out all those games and activities that I save for rainy (like we get those here) days, and we went to town. It started out a little rough at first when everyone wanted to roll--or throw, in the case of Tillie--the dice in the math dice game, but eventually the crowd settled down and we made it through the day relatively unscathed. Relatively.

Here's a look at Game Day, including a nap(!) from Scout and Tillie playing dress up with her bathing suit on over her pajamas.

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