Scout and Catcher saw the movie Frozen with their grandparents over Christmas break. Now, on occasion, Scout likes to freeze herself. On Monday we managed to acquire a paperback book version of the movie when Scout tucked it under her arm and walked out of a restaurant with it (in her defense, it had been forgotten and left behind by another young girl). I have now read Frozen at least a dozen times, and Scout has assigned character names to the entire family. If we break character and call someone in the house by his or her actual name, Scout is quick to correct--and kind of scold--us. She is Elsa, the older sister and the one who does the freezing. Tillie is Anna, the younger sister. Alex is Sven the reindeer. Catcher is Olaf the friendly snowman. I was Olaf the friendly snowman until Catcher got home this afternoon and convinced the casting agent that he was a better snowman than I. So now I'm one of the wise old trolls (thanks, Elsa). 

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