the third time's a charm

Today is baby girl Wheat's official due date. But (thankfully!) today I am not pregnant, and we welcomed Tillie Alexander Wheat into the world on Monday, February 6th. Weighing in it 6lbs 10oz, she's a little thing who arrived with the best of my two previous deliveries--the pain-free aspect of Catcher's and the rapidness of Scout's. And also like the other two, it took us a while to settle on a name for her. 

From the beginning we knew we weren't looking to literary inspiration for baby number three's name because, let's be honest, it could be considered gimmicky at this point. When we found out we were having a girl we settled on the middle name Alexander, but that's all we knew. In the end we drew her name out of a hat two minutes before Alex walked out of the hospital room to go home and pick up Catcher and take him to school. I scribbled down three names on a St. David's notepad that was in our room, told Alex to take off his hat and he picked the name. He later accused me of writing Tillie down on all three scraps of paper, but the other two that made it into the drawing were Romy and Zuzu. Before we got to that point, however, Alex and I couldn't come to an agreement as he lobbied for Sunny and I fought for Fritzie. Both of those names were thrown out of consideration along with Winter (Catcher's idea), Winnie (too reminiscent of Wonder Years) and Ottilie (no one would know how to pronounce it). Looking back it's a good thing we went with the hat method--the other names are silly to me now.

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