sunny days

Yesterday the weather was perfection: 75 degrees and sunny with a mild, light wind. Such an amazing afternoon left no excuses for staying inside, so I took the three to the Zilker Botanical Garden. Our adventure begins...

Catcher consults the map (which is not to scale and a little confusing in my opinion) and sets his sights on the butterfly garden. Scout, in the meantime, climbs on rocks and grunts.

After a face-plant (by Catcher) while running down the stone path, I suggest that the two hold hands and walk slowly. They listened!

Of course they had to stop along the way when Scout discovered that climbing under the railing would be a quicker way to get to our destination. Cautious Catcher held her back and kept her on track.

Scout decides it's her turn to consult the map. She heard the word "dinosaur" as we approached the prehistoric garden, so she starts roaring and takes the map from Catcher.

Distracted by a dinosaur on an island, Scout gives up possession of the map. Catcher is still set on the butterfly garden and thinks he knows the way.

We have arrived: the butterfly garden! Unfortunately none of us spots an actual butterfly, but we pause for a family portrait (Tillie in the red stroller in the background) while Catcher and Scout vie for top position on a butterfly sculpture.

Catcher discovers he can have his own butterfly but asks me not to take a picture (sorry!).

Scout finds her own butterfly, too.

Tillie snoozes.

A quick stop at the children's garden on our way to the parking lot. Catcher has dirt in his shoes; Scout wants to eat them.

Catcher is tired and wants me to rub his feet. Scout is sick from eating Catcher's shoe. Joking!

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