more words of wisdom

The mind of a three and half year-old is a remarkable thing. It wanders from here to there through non sequiturs and back to a (somewhat) comprehensive string of thoughts. Everyone keeps telling me that I have to write down the things that Catcher says, so in 21st-century style I'm going to try to dedicate a weekly blog to his -isms. I hope everyone finds it as amusing as I do, and p.s. none of this stuff is made up.

Why did video kill the radio star?

Tillie looks like a boy.

Maybe I can have cotton candy one day.

Boys know a lot of things about stuff.

What's a heavy walker?

Go back to sleep! You need to get your rest! [This was said to me after Catcher woke me up at 5:30am.]

When I'm Daddy's age I'm going to drive Scout to school.

Why does Tillie have feet if she can't walk yet?

Catcher: How do you get to college?
Me: You study really hard and make good grades.
Catcher: But do you drive there?

Me: You need to turn down your volume.
Catcher: I can't. I don't have a button for that.

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