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One area in which I'm struggling while preparing for our move is deciding on what shower curtain to purchase for the kids' bathroom. I know it's a first world problem, but it's a first world problem we've never encountered during our married lives. Alex and I have never had more than one bathroom in our dwelling--I'm not counting the time we first moved to Austin and rented an apartment in a building sandwiched between a highway and a strip club--so I have to get used to this whole master bath idea. Let me be clear, lest you think "master bath" sounds highbrow and highfalutin, the bathroom that Alex and I will share is simply an outdated loo (I wrote that to sound fancy) connected to our bedroom. There's no claw foot tub; there's no marble; there aren't two sinks. The toilet is leaking and needs to be replaced and the tile is outdated (but not in a cool vintage way).

However, simply the thought of having more than one bath in our home has left me in a quandary. The children's bathroom is the "hall" bathroom, which will be, by default, the bathroom guests use when we entertain (I'm imagining us as great entertainers in our new digs). This only becomes a problem when I start to over-think things from a decorating perspective. For instance, I want the bathroom to be just "fun" enough for the children to enjoy on a daily basis without being childlike or juvenile (for all the guests partying it up at house). On the other hand, I don't want the room to be stuffy or fancy in a "we're fancy people" kind of way because 95% of the time it will serve as a child's bathroom. I'm thinking of something sort of whimsically sophisticated. Is that a thing?

Either way, Alex gave me the big thumbs down when I suggested the shower curtain below. I thought it was right in line with my aesthetic, but he thought is was an obvious attempt at my brainwashing our children to attend the number one public university in the country. I don't see a problem there.

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