farkles forever

By happenstance we've come to celebrate Tillie's last two birthdays with a Super (Bowl) Party. Yesterday as we cheered for the Broncos we also cheered for our firecracker who turned four on Saturday. Watching her sheepish grin as we stood around her and sang "Happy Birthday," I saw the toddler slip away in slow motion.

Over the past few weeks, Alex and I have both noticed how articulate Tillie has become. When did she start saying "Scout" instead of "Shout?" And do you remember when everything was a "bobby?" Now she uses conjunctive adverbs in everyday speech and actively participates in dinner conversations (as long as it isn't pasta night and she's slurping spaghetti from her bowl).

But there's one thing that she still says, and I'm really going to miss it when it's gone: farkles. There are farkles on her princess gowns and she loves to drink farkling water. I know we can't hold on to everything, but I will always see those farkles in her eyes.

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