old sofa, new look

I know exactly how long Alex and I have had our sofa because I know how long we've been married, and I know it was the first piece of major furniture we purchased together. The faux suede chocolate brown made have been hip eleven years ago, but I was not about to drag that thing into our new house with eight years of dirty kid prints covering it.

Truth be told, however, I had a mind to change the sofa before we ever signed the contract on the house. In fact, it was having our offer declined right before Christmas that propelled my eagerness for change forward. I found an amazing deal on a designer remnant fabric online (Fabric Guru is the place if you're looking for a steal) and snatched it up right away. The fabric sat propped up against the kitchen wall in its shipping package until last week when Alex and I hauled it, along with our outdated sofa, to our upholstery guy. We have a guy, and he works fast. We had the sofa back in time for our Super Bowl party on Sunday, but I wouldn't let anyone sit on it and ended up covering it with a blanket so I wouldn't stress over guacamole and salsa stains. Was I crazy to get a white sofa? The kids are totally mature enough not to destroy it at their ages, right? I mean...just look at these little angels...

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