christmas card spoiler alert

You have to take a lot of pictures (a lot!) to get a halfway decent one of your children--you know, where at least two of the three are looking at the camera and/or smiling--for your annual Christmas card. I had what I thought was a great and Pinterest-y idea for our card this year. The execution did not go as planned. But why should it when working with a six, four and two year-old? Here are some of the outtakes from this year's photo session. And let's be honest: we put ourselves through the madness of coordinating outfits and repeating phrases like "get closer together" and "act like you like each other" for the chuckle we get when sifting through the outtakes. Or is that just me?

P.S. None of the photos below made the final cut, and no paper lanterns were injured during this photo session.

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