snapshot shenanigans

It's been a busy week in the world of preschool fundraising and PTA volunteering. So busy, in fact, I've almost forgotten we're going to Disney World next week! (I said almost.) This was Scout last Friday evening following her first "Geography Day" at school as we arrived at Catcher's soccer game. This is kind of how I've been feeling the whole week:

Tillie talks to squirrels. For real. I started this game with her at the beginning of the school year where I would ask her what the squirrels were doing on our walk home after dropping off Catcher and Scout: are the squirrels having a picnic today? What are they bringing? Are the squirrels having a meeting? Uh-oh...looks like that one is late to the meeting. It all started as a tactic to distract her from the fact that she's three and a-half and the one mile round-trip to school and back can cause aforementioned three (and a-half) year-olds to scream and yell and stomp their feet ("It's too far!"). Eventually Tillie forgot how miserable she was on these walks, and now she stops to talk to the squirrels. And sometimes she yells at them...instead of me.

Yesterday Scout emerged from her classroom dressed as such and asked me if she looked like a pilgrim. I'll leave that one up to interpretation.

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