and then i found my photos

It only took two weeks and a phone call to Apple support for me to uncover the photos that were lost (but not really lost) on my computer. I've spent more time than I care to remember on the phone with customer service representatives over the past week--remember when the internet was gone for five days?--and I would be remiss in not saying that my conversation with Todd this afternoon was most pleasant. It took a while to diagnose the problem, but he was pleasant and helpful the entire time. And he also never made me feel like an idiot because I don't speak the proper techo-lingo. Apple Customer Service: 1; U-Verse Customer Service: 0.

So this is how Halloween went down this year. If you'll remember that after months of pleading, the ladies and I were unable to convince Catcher to be the scarecrow to our Dorothy, Tinman and Lion respectively. He ended up as a Ninja for Halloween 2015, and, in true Ninja fashion, I was only able to get one picture of him as he darted in and out of the crowded avenues of Hyde Park. Also in true Ninja fashion, he went missing for a short period when our entire group returned to a friend's house and he was nowhere in sight (literally no where in sight, not figuratively in Ninja pretend world no where in sight).

Depending on who you ask, Catcher may or may not have been actually "lost." When we "found" him, he told us "I wasn't lost. I knew where I was." It turns out that he and a group of friends had gone to one friend's house, and then everyone (but Catcher and the one friend) went to another friend's house who lives next door to friend number one. Confusing? Not to a bunch of second-grade boys. When I first discovered he was missing, another mom assured me "He'll turn up. They always do." And he did. Then the children gorged themselves on candy, the boys ripped off their shirts and wrestled each other for an hour, and I drank wine out of a can. Happy Halloween!

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