silence in the house

This is the first time since taking on the role of stay-at-home mom three and a-half years ago that all three of my children are enrolled in school. Tillie just started the Explore Arts preschool (one of Scout's schools from last year), so that leaves me with a window of time on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am until 12:45ish when I have silence.

After dropping Tillie off this morning, I went to the Y for a quick workout, grabbed some coffee, met Catcher at his school for lunch, came back to the house to eat my lunch--quietly on the front porch because it was 72 degrees at noon--before picking Scout and then Tillie up at their respective schools. Wow...I can get a lot accomplished when I don't have to stop what I'm doing to deal with toddler antics.

Don't worry, though. Scout and Tillie more than made up for my two hours of quiet time when they both broke out in tears in the car on the way home...and then again when we got home...and then again when we were leaving to pick up Catcher...and then again when I was making dinner. The new schedule is exciting for Tillie, but the little bugger who crawled into my bed at 5:50 this morning asking me to read her a Hello Kitty story just can't hang. I guess it all worked out in the end, though, because both little ladies were tucked snugly into bed and sound asleep by 6:30pm.

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