miffy (and some other art)

Recently I was looking for an adorable, yet chic, lamp for Scout's bedside table. It should come as no surprise that I fell in love with a $220 lamp: Miffy. If you aren't familiar, the character was created by a Dutch artist to entertain his son, and Miffy has taken on a life of its own. Of course I want the Miffy lamp. The Miffy lamp is awesome (and Scout would love the Miffy lamp, too).

It was last week that I was obsessing over this lamp, and then we happened to visit Laguna Gloria on Saturday afternoon. I didn't read about any of the current exhibits prior to our visit, but guess what greeted us as we strolled through the parking lot--a giant Miffy (by artist Tom Sachs)! I couldn't believe it. First I took it as a sign that I definitely need to buy the Miffy lamp (don't worry...I haven't), but then I just wanted to get the girls as jazzed up about Miffy as I was (don't worry...they weren't).

The little guys were more interested in running around the grounds attempting to touch the art they weren't supposed to touch and confused by the art--like the one involving a cassette tape recorder!--that they were supposed to touch. Two of my other favorite pieces were this crazy gold net thing made of tiny people shapes (look closely, below) and a giant reflective mobile hanging in the trees. Once again, the wee ones didn't think the art was as amazing as I did. But on the other hand, I didn't think hiking through the woods was amazing as they did.

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