down on the farm

Last week when a fellow second-grade mom and I found ourselves with nothing better to do on a Monday morning, we decided to crash our sons' field trip to Crowe's Nest Farm just outside of Austin. It was the best of both worlds: we weren't official chaperones, so we didn't have to come and go within the scheduling confines of the field trip, and we got to surprise our children (Catcher was excited to see me, despite the look on his face in the picture below).

My friend and I ditched the field trip just before lunch in favor of raw oysters at an East side hipster joint over sacked lunches on the farm, but it was funny how the conversation over bloody Marys (it was her birthday--we had to celebrate!) turned to "what was your favorite thing about the farm?" A conversation that I'm sure was mirrored on the picnic tables at Crowe's Nest. For the record, watching the farmer milk a cow was my favorite part. And the baby pig. And the llamas. Llamas are cute. The giant pig was pretty cool, too. Oh...I almost forgot about the turkeys...

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