let me remind myself...

The first photo is to commemorate our moving day. The next two photos are to remind me of what our living/storage situation looked like last week. The last photo is to remind me that the outdated/dirty/yucky bathroom that was here when we bought the place will be long gone from memory as soon as we get the finishing touches (like a toilet!) in this one.

In other renovation news...things are going well. We reconnected with the 21st century via wifi yesterday, and I cooked  a frozen pizza in the oven the other night (the only meal we haven't eaten out since we moved in...there goes all that money I was saving on rent by moving in before renovation was complete). We also have interior doors now; but no knobs yet. I'm told the plumber is coming tomorrow, so as much as I tell myself I like the adventure of walking outside to use the toilet in the casita, I'll be happy when I don't have to round up all the children for a ride on the potty train.

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