vacation from my "vacation"

When I was a child, I thought of "Winter Break" as "Christmas Vacation." It was a vacation from school and your regular routine, and everything was awesome! As an adult, however, I realize that a two-week break from your regular, routined life can be a bit much when you're the mother of three little rascals.

True, the first week of our forced time together did fly by; and we breezed into the new year a day early without a hitch. But these last four days have lingered interminably. And who's idea was it to have the children go back to school on Tuesday instead of Monday following this ridiculous "vacation?" I think we're all excited to see faces not our own--or each other's--bright and early tomorrow morning.

Then again...those moments when the children played nicely in between screams and tears and tattles and jabs were quite sweet. It was also amusing watching the girls wrestle each other on the sofa every morning. And a part of me has to admit that the non-stop-princess-dress-up was pretty cute. It's going to be so quiet around here tomorrow.

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